The whole is more than the sum of its parts

Small scale project-based improvements may contradict organization-wide cost cutting projects;

an isolated approach and different departments managing contracts, energy usage, energy efficiency projects and other energy-related issues may cause conflicting and even contradictive targets and decisions, if different stakeholders identify different priorities.

A cohesive energy strategy considers all aspects of energy, thus K2E’s approach is to coordinate all energy-related processes organization-wide:

  • definition of strategic energy management goals
  • determine actions and measurements to achieve the goals set
  • decisions on energy media, as well as make-or-buy decisions
  • procurement and portfolio management
  • risk management and performance management
  • cost optimization and reduction of energy usage
  • renewable energy projects
  • potentials of demand-side flexibilities
  • monitoring of your energy and sustainability goals

Energy Strategy integrated

K2E’s advanced integrated energy strategy approach improves organizational alignment within your business.

Our holistic approach ensures that all parties share the same objectives without counteracting one anothers’ measures. K2E nourishes and promotes the dialogue among all included departments within your organization.

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