K2E consultants help you with optimizing your cost structure, managing your downside risk and will assist you in implementing an integrated energy strategy, whether your company is just getting started or you are already on an advanced level of implementation. We offer focused support in specific areas such as tendering processes, negotiation support or mining for additional cost cutting opportunities. Our long standing experience in tendering energy demand will help you and your organisation to save money and to focus on your core business while resting assured that you can rely on the best assistance in this area.

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Your energy risks are not only determined by when you buy or how much you buy at which price – with us assisting you inside your energy portfolio management, we help you to hedge or mitigate risks associated with energy procurement.  We will detect those risks, manage them for you and provide you with all relevant and crucial market data you need in order to remain on top of everything relevant that is going on in the energy market.

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Cost cutting and managing your energy portfolio is what we do on a day to day basis. Integrating both modules into an advanced energy strategy is how we do it in a holistic and sustainable way. By implementing all modules we offer, carefully evaluating projects according to your organizations overall strategy and avoiding isolated project-focused approaches, we want your company to prosper and stay on track to success.

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