Did you know that moving energy demand of your production to another point of time can actually make you money instead of costing you money?

Some of our clients achieve additional turnover by slightly shifting their power usage to another point of time, but still in perfect flow with their production plan.

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K2E Demand side Flexibilities - Data Management

Are you good at finding the error in the picture?

When it comes to invoice processing, especially for multi-site organizations, your organization managers may sometimes be overwhelmed by the size, the length and the terminology of hundred pages long energy invoices. K2E consultants make collection and verification of your energy invoices easier and more comfortable for you and thus help you to save costs.

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K2E Data Management - Invoice Processing

In order to fully unlock your potential, K2E will unlock energy data for you and keep you updated with all the market data that is highly relevant for your company and your day-to-day business. K2E consultants monitor, analyse and act on market developments on a daily basis. Your organisation will profit off of that by having all necessary external market information to include it in your company’s reporting structure, strengthen your decision basis for energy projects and evaluate downside and upside potentials inside the energy markets.

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K2E Data Management - Unlock your data