There is enough electricity in the market – the question is: when?

Realize your untapped opportunity to generate additional profits!

Whenever the power grid is imbalanced – due to renewable energy production or other factors – the grid operator may need to request additional production or consumption capacity. Based on a sound analysis of your companies’ capacities and site-specific requirements, K2E will identify your possibilities to participate in a demand-response program, in order to help your organisation profit from the following actions:

  • shifting demand of your production
  • activating your back-up generation systems
  • identifying and prioritizing energy utilization according to the imbalances inside the power grid

Some site managers are concerned that an automatized demand-response may restrain their operational business and influence their product quality or increase costs elsewhere. K2E consultants will take care of a smooth and frictionless implementation of a demand-response program into your daily business and help you to profit from the immense potential that lies in demand-response management (DRM).

K2E Demand side Flexibilities - Demand Response

Demand-Response Management

K2E can explain the processes and tools used and help you to ensure that there will be no conflicts between running your operations as smooth as before while unlocking new profit potentials for your business.

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