Improving your cost structure can be a competitive advantage.

Focusing on your core competencies definitely is.


Energy costs make up for a large part of any businesses operating expenses. Power, heat and natural gas are essential in order to keep your business running. It’s not a question whether, but how to procure the energy you need.

K2E consultants help you cutting your energy costs by supporting you throughout the whole procurement process:

  • We help you decide on your procurement strategy based on the best market dynamics instead of procuring according to fiscal years or expiring supply contracts
  • You will be supported by us when defining the terms and conditions before tendering
  • we guide your company through the tendering and negotiation process
  • K2E examines your optimal solution, whether your company needs full serviced energy supply or punctual energy deliveries
  • K2E also re-negotiates contracts that burden your company’s cost structure
  • We help you mine for cost cutting opportunities inside your organizations energy profile

K2E consultants have a long standing experience in tendering energy demand. You can choose between a full-service approach and punctual support by one of our experts.

As your needs are individual, K2Es offered solution will be, too.


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