Generating energy market insights for you that drive value

Following energy market development takes up resources, focus and time. Your organization may miss out on opportunities that show up only to those that closely monitor wholesale and exchange markets. Yet knowledge is just one side of the coin – taking timely actions and cashing in on their results is the other side.

K2E consultants are specialized in:

  • closely monitoring energy prices and volatilities
  • know about planned regulatory and legislative amendments and alert your company on those changes that need your attention or action to be anticipated
  • staying updated on industry benchmarks in procurement and hedging methods
  • integrating energy market reports into your company’s reporting structure
  • develop scenario analysis for your controlling department
  • evaluate up- and downside potentials in the energy market
  • calculating investment projects
  • conducting sensitivity analysis
  • overseeing industry benchmarks
  • checking opportunity costs of individual projects
  • support your make-or-buy decisions
  • synthesizing data in order to present them to your (financial) stakeholders and supporting you in delivering effective energy budgets
  • strengthen your data and reporting structure in order to be set for an audit


K2E Unlock your energy data -

Information alone is not power – Power is knowing what to do with it.

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