An isolated energy efficiency project might seem profitable on a micro-perspective, but might negatively affect results on the macro-perspective of the whole organisation. K2E consultants will work together with your organization’s technical staff in order to detect potential for a reduction of your energy consumption but will always frame project specifics by the company’s sustainability and procurement strategy as well as the liquidity situation of your organisation.

Thus, K2E consultants will assist you in developing efficiency programmes, in order to reduce waste of energy inside your company.

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K2E Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency and renewable energy projects require time, due diligence and financial investment; like any other investment, you need a business plan with sound estimates, based on a thorough research and with reliable model simulations of your projects. K2E consultants assist you in developing your organisations’ customized sustainability strategy and will guide you through the jungle of different technologies, legislations, subsidy schemes and initiatives.

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K2E Sustainability Goals

If you decide on implementing renewable energy projects on some of your company’s sites, your organization turns from an energy consumer to an energy “Pro-sumer”.

Such new energy market players, can either sell excess energy production capacity, eg from wind or solar power directly to another customer or to an aggregator.  K2E consultants act as independent agents that will help you to facilitate the whole process of day-ahead forecasting, balancing, nominating and all other activities that go hand in hand with marketing renewable energy production for your company, in order to help you stay focused on your core business.

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K2e Renewable energy projects