Business Life is complex enough – leave invoice processing to K2E

Ever left an energy bill unexamined?

Some of our clients receive several hundred pages long energy invoices each month. Energy bills for multi-site organisations are complex and may seem opaque, yet they bear the risk of excess payment. K2E makes your invoice processing (collection & verification) effortless:

K2E team will

  • define the invoice content and structure with your (new) supplier(s)
  • perform invoice verification and examination of accounts
  • take care that the supplier corrects all errors identified
  • provide you with budgeting values and currently actualized forecasts on cost center level
  • help you to minimize your transaction time & costs by integrating new invoices automatically in your data warehouse, at exactly the right cost centre (eg. customized and automatically processable batch-input files to your ERP system like SAP-FI)

Auditing your invoice data and tracking the development of your energy consumption is an integral part of an energy strategy. Especially for multi-site companies working in several countries, the need to have your invoices checked, corrected and digitally streamlined is obvious.

K2E Invoice Processing

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