The cheapest kWh of energy is the one you don’t use

Energy reduction attributes to achieve lower energy costs and to reduce a company’s carbon footprint. K2E consultants work together with your facility managers and your energy managers in order to evaluate energy efficiency projects, always being embedded in a holistic companywide approach; a single project might seem profitable on a micro-perspective, but might show diminishing results on the macro-perspective of the whole organisation.

Energy managers and engineers usually already have implemented the key steps in order to reduce a company’s energy consumption; however, K2E consultants will keep you up-to-date on successful projects and trends in the area of energy efficiency.

K2E Energy efficiency - reduction of energy consumption

We will help you and your team:

  • to fully and better understand energy usage and costs inside your facility
  • with developing an efficiency program, embedded in a holistic company view, in order to reduce energy dissipation and save money
  • to identify efficiency and cost reduction opportunities on your company-sites


You need to invest in order to save?

This statement may not always be accurate: K2E energy consultants take a look at your organization as a whole and help you determine, which actions do not require financial investments. These may include changes in behaviour, in machine automation programming or finding energy contracting partners that jointly profit from your higher energy efficiency without you bearing any investment risk. Especially in retrofit measures and energy audits a new financing option often applies called performance contracting where the investment is being paid for entirely by guaranteed energy savings over time. Performance contracting may cover improvements in lighting, building automation controls, heating & cooling improvements, water conservation and any upgrades of the infrastructure of a company’s buildings (insulation & repairs).

K2E consultants help you to

  • determine potential new energy efficiency projects (EEPs)
  • evaluate those projects
  • measure their Return-on-Investment independently and without whitewashing
  • find the right contracting partners

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