A sustainability program not only improves your cost structure and the work environment of your employees but also strengthens your brand and your company’s reputation.

K2E consultants help you to develop your organisations’ new customized sustainability strategy or to ensure a thorough execution of your existing and advanced strategy. Only by understanding your targets and values we will work on developing your customized sustainability program together with you, according to the specific situation of your company. We will help you steer through the jungle of different technologies, legislations, subsidy schemes and initiatives.

Your organizations’ energy consumption generates the majority of your CO2 emissions. Based on K2E data analysis and reporting tools, we can help you to closely determine which actions in which areas lead to the highest reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Your company’s energy manager and CSR professionals can rely on K2E consultants for strategic advice, benchmarking and reporting support regarding:

Set and achieve your sustainability goals

  • development of business plans for your renewable energy projects (REPs) and energy efficiency projects (EEPs)
  • model simulations of your projects
  • benchmarks from other projects
  • controlling performance, embedded in sound market knowledge and analysis
  • keep track on innovative and successful energy sustainability projects, subsidies schemes and legislations
  • reduce your overall carbon footprint and account for local requirements and challenges

K2E Sustainability Goals

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